As part of optimization and digitization projects, we repeatedly see that the focus in the area of processes is either very narrow and / or very operational. For example, in individual processes, a specific end-to-end analysis or technical refinement (e.g. in the context of a digital implementation) are usually the focus.

This webinar takes a different approach. We focus on the possibilities of enabling fundamental optimizations and innovations of a process organization (and more). This requires understanding of high-level views of the company, existing interactions within the company, and the design options that exist within those interactions. Many might now think about classic company maps, but we want to go one step further.

Company maps often lead to “framing”, in other words, it is difficult to think “outside” the process or the value chain. When it comes to customer centricity, the evaluation of fundamental changes in the business model (e.g. the type of offer, own / third-party preparation of the offer) and the view must be altered in order to achieve new and innovative insights.

In this Business Insights video we focus on a specific topic within the context of strategic process management. We explain how customer journeys can be created and how cooperation models can be used in workshops or documentation. We also explore how you can analyse interactions within business models or (re)shape your process maps in terms of your target operating model.

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