1+1=3 – With the “Three Lines of Defence” towards an integrated GRC

Key Takeaways

  • How can the different management functions work together efficiently and effectively?
  • How can the "Three Lines of Defence" model serve as the basis for integrating GRC features?
  • How can the fulfillment of operational requirements be made more appropriate?


  • Duration: 22 minutes

  • Language: English
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The GRC system of a company, or organization is undeniably an integral part of their corporate governance. Various management functions such as: risk management, compliance management, internal control system, security management, privacy, or emergency and crisis management, serve to protect the company from threats and preserve risks to ensure their continued existence. Both the organizational and technical design of these functions, as well as their synergy play decisive roles. But only if these functions are intertwined meaningfully, can the GRC system demonstrate true added value.

In this Business Insight video we will show you ways and opportunities, based on a proven corporate governance model, to master not only the horizontal integration of the disciplines, but also the vertical integration with the operational management.

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