With the fast technological evolution and globalization, the importance of data protection is also exponentially increasing. Organizations are encouraged to implement technical and organizational measures and embed them within their business architecture as soon as possible, in a way that ensures privacy and data protection principles will be incorporated in their operations. But once they have complied with regulations, what other benefits can be gained?

In this webinar, Doxa Advisers will share their experience leveraging Enterprise Architecture not only to comply with data protection laws- such as GDPR in Europe or LGPD in Brazil – but also empowering businesses to become more resilient.

Presenter: Enio Klein
CEO at Doxa Advisers and professor in postgraduate courses, Enio Klein is an influencer and specialist in digital transformation and its impacts on business areas such as sales, marketing, customer experience. He believes in collaborative work and diversity to create conditions for innovation and improved productivity in organizations. He defends technology as a fundamental factor for the improvement of social conditions and quality of life in the coming years. In this sense, it has been dedicated to supporting organizations in their projects to adapt to the LGPD (General Data Protection Law), which it considers the backbone so that a new technological society can emerge with ethical bases and respecting the citizen’s right to privacy and protection of your personal data.

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