Even though risk management is not a new topic, there have been a lot of changes to this environment recently. The focus is no longer solely on financial aspects, but it also expands to other business areas, such as operational risks. For more than 15 years now, our GRC suite helps companies to manage their risks sustainably and set up the right controls, thanks to continuous and proactive advancements. GRC ensures that risks are assessed according to their occurrence and controls according to their implementation, and also ensures that the information found in your risk and control portfolios is always up-to-date, traceable and transparent. This provides the ideal basis for revisions, audits and certifications of all kinds.

In addition to that, your business process management can also benefit from the connection with GRC: It allows you to identify potentials for increasing the quality and efficiency of your processes and implement them sustainably, which secures the company’s long-term success.

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